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GreenBee Sustainable Products is here to provide our eco conscious customers with low and zero waste products that aim to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our company focuses on the entire life cycle of our products; from production, through transportation and use, and finally when they return back to environment.

We aren’t going to let climate change win. Challenge accepted. We believe that through supportive encouragement, we can all influence those around us to make positive change and save the environment for future generations. If you align with that idea, find out more about us here:

Why Us?
Carbon Neutral – All Natural – Safe Ingredients

GOTS Organic Cotton

Our cotton is certified as Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard so that you know you’re getting a high quality, safe product.


The primary ingredient that coats our wraps is beewax, which is a natural way to seal fabric that is safe for food use. We only use beeswax provided by ethical bee farmers who are supporting natural bee health.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is added to make the beeswax pliable so that you can form them around any shape. This particular oil is selected because it does not leave a residue like other oils.

Tree Resin

A small amount of tree resin is added to the coating to create a seal which sticks well to itself but not other things, which gives it the cling that you expect with a container or food wrap.

Eco Packaging

All of our packaging is produced on 100% recycled cardboard and is able to be recycled, again. We have also eliminated all plastic from our package.

Three sizes

– 7″x8″

– 10″x11″

– 13″x14″  


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