GreenBee Sustainable Products is a Carbon Neutral company.

Since the day we started, GreenBee Sustainable Products has been focused on ensuring that we create a positive effect on the negative climate situation we are currently faced with. That’s why all of our production, transportation, and operations are CARBON NEUTRAL. We are able to achieve this through the investment in carbon offset credits.

So far, in 2020, GreenBee has offset:


This amount offsets the entire carbon production that has resulted from our entire inventory production to date, as well as office energy consumption, and transportation through the end of the quarter (according to current projections).

GreenBee does this through the purchase of carbon offset credits. By purchasing credits, money is allocated to projects which aim to reduce carbon in the atmosphere by planting trees, performing landfill gas capture, investing in alternative energy, and other large scale projects aimed at creating a world where humans are in balance with the environment.

Our company believes that carbon neutrality is so important for the future of a sustainable economy, that we purchase our credits before we use them.

That’s our commitment to you and to the planet; that when you purchase a GreenBee Sustainable product, at that moment you’ve already helped.

Your vote has already been cast.

You choose Earth.

You are a GreenBee.

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