Eco conscious consumers young and old often ask the key question of environmental conservation; “what is the true impact of the products I buy, when all of the lifecycle of the product is considered?”

Well, here at GreenBee Sustainable Products, we think that’s the most important question to ask and we’re here to tell you exactly how much of an impact you can have by curbing your plastic bag use and shifting over to sustainable, reusable EcoWraps by GreenBee. 

Do you put your child’s sandwich in a plastic bag every day, in order to keep the sandwich fresh and safe to eat until lunchtime? Each one of these plastic sandwich bags weighs approximately 2 grams. An average school year in the United States is 180 days and most kids also do summer programs where bringing lunch is appropriate. That’s starting to get close to an entire POUND of plastic. 

Do you store your leftovers from dinner in larger plastic bags? Those gallon bags are each about 5 grams of plastic. If you use 2 per night to save leftovers and have family dinner 4 nights a week, that’s another entire POUND of plastic. 

However, there’s a reliable, green, eco conscious alternative to this madness that has been around long before plastic. Beeswax wraps, like EcoWraps by GreenBee, are an age-old food storage method, used by our ancestors for many, many years to keep their food fresh during their travels. These things can be used, washed, and reused hundreds of times for up to 2 years if cared for properly. That would eliminate almost 2 pounds of plastic use per wrap! Now that’s something that you can be proud of and your children will thank you for!

Moreover, the energy that goes into drilling and refining the petroleum and moving it from factory to factory to make the plastic bag, through many high heat processes, far exceed the energy requirements to create a beeswax wrap. Because of the all natural materials we chose, and their unique physical properties, our beeswax wrap production requires very low heat and energy consumption, making the total lifecycle effects on the environment substantially less than plastic options. 

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