Welcome to our GreenBee Branded Merchandise Shop!

All of the merchandise featured here is made-to-order – otherwise known as Print-On-Demand. We don’t make a ton of products and hope they sell – wasting a lot of resources in the process. Instead, these are made when you order them, requiring the least amount of resources to get you your product.

Additionally, all of these products have been selected for their:

  1. All-natural fibers (no plastic fabrics)
  2. Ethical plant-based inks
  3. Ability to replace single-use plastic products
  4. Low-energy printing

All while showing people what team you’re on – the GreenBee team!

As with all On-Demand manufacturing, it does take a little extra time to make your product, since there isn’t one sitting on a shelf in inventory. Please allow a few extra days for your product to be produced and shipped, compared to what you’re used to. Our longest production lead-time is currently 5 days before shipping. This allows for the efficient, low energy, printing process and quality control checks to take place before your item ships.

So rest easy knowing that all of these products come with the same high-quality and thoughtful intent you’ve come to expect from GreenBee – a consideration for the entire life-cycle of our products. Now go ahead and pick out something you love!

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