Who We Are

GreenBee is not just a company, but an idea.

The idea that if we work together, all contributing and making as many small, incremental changes as we can, that the collective efforts will be huge. We will live in a better, more beautiful place, that our children will thank us for. Our communities will be healthier, safer, and better off than they were – one small step at a time.

Big change does not happen overnight. And it’s going to take big changes in order to shift to an eco friendly economy that can support us all. That’s why we think it’s important to cultivate a community of support and love. We have to work together.

If you’re making an effort to decrease your plastic use; you’re a GreenBee.

If you’re trying to take shorter showers and use eco friendly bath products to reduce your footprint; you’re a GreenBee.

But more importantly, the soccer mom who drives a big vehicle, but seeks out eco friendly packaging while grocery shopping; she’s a GreenBee, too.

That’s because it’s about adding together all of our collective efforts and supporting and teaching each other how to keep improving – that is the way that we make ground on climate change. We will achieve success through encouragement; not judgement.
Let’s inspire each other! Let’s help each other! Let’s teach each other!

And that idea is why we started GreenBee Sustainable Products!

We knew that through all of our experience with sourcing, safety, and lifecycle analysis, we could make our largest impact on the world through providing an alternative to single-use plastic.

GreenBee was an idea born, like many eco conscious products, out of the realization of our dependency on plastic. Especially when interacting with our food, single-use plastic is everywhere. Once plastic has been used, it is often disposed of rather than recycled – and then sits in a landfill for 1000+ years. When we thought of all the plastic that had been used between just the two of us, we knew we had to figure something out.

Our result – GreenBee EcoWraps.

EcoWraps combat single use plastic when it comes to our multiple daily interactions with food.

Where you use sandwich bags, EcoWraps can be used instead.

Where you use cling wrap, EcoWraps can be used instead.

What makes EcoWraps sustainable when compared to single use plastic? The ability to wash with cold water, dry, and reuse. They can be used many times without wearing out. But once they do, they can be composted; completing a safe and sustainable product lifecycle.

Our goal is not to just sell EcoWraps either. We hope, with your help, we can create an entire GreenBee Sustainable Product line allowing us to address our plastic dependency in other areas of our lives as well.

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